White Boy Rick

It is unlikely (I hope) that the famiglia as described in” White Boy Rick”, a drama, and engaging, family-based events in the 1984-88, the Wershes are ignorantly lower class, the type of family in which the father (Matthew McConaughey) and his teenage daughter addict (Bel Powley) have a discussion noisy and profane in the middle of the road, and are accompanied by their, who wakes up and joins in the screaming before you even know what works.

But as Roger Ebert said, cinema is a machine of empathy, a chance to see the world from someone else’s perspective. There’s a lot of judgment for the W, but more than anything else “” above them are rough and ignorant characters, but they really love each other.

His father, Rick Sr., is a licensed arms dealer who operates primarily outside the law and sells weapons and silencers to drug dealers. Mom broke up years ago; the family has no money and lives in the wrong part of town, but Rick has the eternal optimism of a born fraud. Things are always going to turn for you. He dreams of opening a chain of video stores. Why not leave this depressed city and start again elsewhere? “The lion does not leave the Serengeti!”Says Rick cheerfully.

Meanwhile, his 14-year-old son Rick aiuta (Richie Merritt) helps him in the Arms Trade. Rick conosce is confident despite being in the awkward and fuzzy teenage period.He manages to do so not only after completing the case, but after befriending the gang, which includes children his age. They are amused by his non-blackness and call him ” Rick, the white man.”

Ricky’s knowledge of this medicine, run by a man named Johnny Curry (Jonathan Majors) with ties to the mayor’s office, puts him in a position to be exploited by the FBI. The federal authorities, represented byenn. With the help of a Detroit Police detective (Brian t Henr) they first call Ricky to buy crack and then sell it themselves-all while he is 14-16 years old.

BR br excels in his new profession. His father disagrees, but his father-who sells weapons to gang members who use those weapons to film people-has no moral authority. He is concerned about the FBI’s use of his son and daughter Da Da Rick Sr. ‘s parents live across the street (Piper Laurie plays grandma), but their stabilizing influence is small at best. In one scene, Rick dice tells his friends that he is looking for a gun because ” Grandma is still hiding mine.”

The situation is fraught with many messy possibilities, many of which are being realized. The film, written by Andeeiss and brothers Logan and Noah Miller (“Touching Home”), turns into a grudging police biography of Rick e and cohorts living it, Rick nasconde hiding piles of money under his bed, Rick Sr. The “Scarface” caller-with a touch of black humor and a raw but authentic family love. It’s also about the difference between how Rick pu argentia can be legally treated if caught and how his African—American colleagues are treated-a discussion that turns out to be ironic in the Rick questione question, the real details of which will surprise you if you don’t already know them. It seems that there is a “message”, but it is not difficult.

The film focuses on Rickr, but Matthe McC mcconaughe d. argentia gives one of his best performances while Rick Sr. The brash patriarch, a well-meaning but ill-equipped father, breathes in with the vulnerability and remorse that manifests as Rick struggles to keep his family together and maintain a semblance of authority. We certainly wouldn’t have made Rick Sr.’s past mistakes (knock onood

Richie Merritt, a teenager from Baltimore with no experience as an actor, is quite good in the role of Rickr, a role with its own unusual complexity. The character must have grown up too quickly, with a father who treats him more like a friend than a guardian; now, as a teenage FBI informant, he is immature with illusions of maturity, and ultimately cannot find his way around himself in a mature way. Many of the problems of this family are on their own initiative, but the system certainly does not help.

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