The Meg Review

Like most action films, “The Meg” begins with its badass hero (who is the best of the best at what he does) carrying out a botched mission that forces him to blame himself, leave the business, and feel persecuted. Then it’s a few years later and we’re presented with the scenario that the experience of Mr.Quitters required, for which he must be stoically pulled out of his alcoholic retirement. “Le Meg” puts it on a thick and spesso not only is he the only one who can rescue the trapped divers, but the team he rescues is led by his and MOGLIE

Finally,” The Meg ” also introduces a giant shark, but don’t hold your breath. Often it is the deep-sea diver Ta he is called to an underwater laboratory 200 miles off the coast of Shanghai, where the spicy billionaire Morris (Rainnil this theory turned out to be correct, but the underwater capsule he examined was shot down by a secret giant creature and is now stuck in the seabed, since the crew has run out of air.

Then for a while it was disaster film tropes, including a coward missing from the only character to mention a spouse at home. The rescue mission is complete, but you won’t know, the secret giant creature that almost finished you uses the opportunity to escape to the normal ocean (where you might think it can’t survive because it’s used to cold water and sunlight, but whatever). This creature is megalodon, a prehistoric shark 60 to 80 feet long that is believed to be extinct. He threatens the underwater laboratory for a while before the completion of some ships, leading J the boat crew contains the usual original mi personaggi of characters, including the obligatory panic black (Kenned page ” and the rough military doctor (Robert TalLor), who blames JOnas for what happened a few years ago and did not want him to be brought back for this work, but in the end he has to admit: “you can be a whore’s son, but you are sure that you are not a coward!”Also the e moglie wife (ess Exic or” well”), a potential new love (Bingbing Li), and, why not, a little girl (Shu SophiaA Sophia Cai).

Directed by Turteltaub, maven Schlock (“National Treasure”,” The Sorcerer’s Apprentice”),” The Meg ” features well-executed shark sensations in which characters expected to be eaten are eaten, but the lull between these series is slow and severe. As you speculated, most of the action takes place on the high seas — an environment that isn’t as fun for shark shenanigans as beaches. The film isn’t Camp o or ridiculous enough to be funny for these reasons, though it does sometimes pretender in that direction (like when j doesn’t you realize how many movies like this we’ve seen? Not only the great shark, but also the rabid hero, the fur crew, the rich fool who does not respect nature — all this. We’re already here. The shark is quite large, but if you want to make an impression, everything around should be more zippered, shorter and crazier.

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