Summer of 84

“Summer of 84” was created by the trio of Canadian directors, Fran Arratois Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell, collectively known as RKSS (Roadfinish Superstars), the “Turbo Kid”, a crazy “futuristic” post-apocalyptic adventure in the style of the 80s that debuted at Sundance 2015. Your new movie is another piece of nostalgia, but in the least imaginative way. (Most notably, RKSS did not write this one; early visitors named Matt Leslie and Stephen J. Smith did this.)

Do you know the kind of movie where four guys on bikes have an adventure in the summer? This is one of those. Think of all the clich├ęd gimmicks you can find for the Genre. “Summer of 84” has them all without undermining, twisting or faking them. The four guys are a normal (Graham Verchere), a Nerd (Cory Gruter-Andrew), a fat one (Caleb Emery) and a horny one (Judah Lewis). The normal thing is a Spielberg fan who wants to be a filmmaker when he grows up. The Four of them think that their neighbor, a popular local cop named Mackey (Rich Sommer), might end the series, so they conduct their own investigation.

There is a beautiful blonde (Tiera Skovbye) who is a few years older than our guys who crave, but the normal one says, “Hey, stop, don’t talk about her like that,” because he himself knows that she is really special. And she really seems to be crazy about him! He shows up at his house when his parents are out one night and puts him on the trains. I was hoping it was a trick or a dream sequence, but no.

I was expecting a lot of things that never happened. Since the formula is so common, I thought they would eventually move away from it. Why pay for 80’s kids on bike movies in 2018 when you just want to make a direct copy of them? But a direct copy is exactly what you did. It’s not funny, exciting, clever or surprising. It doesn’t capture the look of 1984 particularly well. The angle of the series ends without teeth until the end, when the movie takes a cruel and deaf twist and ends with a character who had no reason to die. “Summer of 84” follows the path of least resistance, playing it safe, going through every trope on the list without examining a single one. It’s a terrible waste of time, talent and energy.

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