Peppermint Movie Public Review

In another update to “passed away Wish,” which teaches the valuable lesson that rudeness is the answer, “Peppermint” introduces Jennifer Garner in the role of Riley North, a Los Angeles woman seeking revenge after her husband (Jeff Hephner) and young daughter (Cailey Fleming) are murdered by Mexican gang members. To prove the point, Riley and the girl have a scene at the beginning where li’L tells Carly’s mom that she should have met that other mom who was rude to her, and Riley says no, that’s not the way to live your life. The rest of the movie is Riley deciding that Carly was right and that she should get over this bitch. Oh, and it’s a Christmas movie, like “Die hard.”

Most of them take place in December. 21, 2017, the fifth anniversary of Riley’s tragic loss. Since the corrupt judiciary let the murderer run, she has learned to act and quit. Now it has resurfaced and reduced crime in the Skid Row District for a few months, until I wait in December. 21, since it would be in bad taste to choose every day to kill the men who killed their family.

The choice of dates is the only stylistic touch of Riley’s methods. She is also a generally ready and effective finisher, sending the three true finalists, as well as the corrupt judge, the prosecutor and the defense attorney, to the 40-minute mark of the film with little momentum or style. He put the judge’s hands on his dinner table before blowing up his house, but that’s it. Then he hands over the entire medical operation that spawned the gang, including its leader Diego Garcia (Juan Pablo Raba), and stops only briefly to threaten a drunken and careless stranger with sobriety for his son.

Riley’s exit attracts the attention of detectives Carmichael (John Gallagher Jr.).) and Beltran (John Ortiz) from the LAPD and FBI in the person of Agent Inman (Annie Ilonzeh). Meanwhile, social media is full of praise for the civil rights activist who is cleaning up the streets. Before the sun went down, it was common knowledge that all of today’s executions were the work of one person, and everyone in Los Angeles knows the name and face of Riley North.

The film was directed by Pierre Morel, who directed “Taken”, but the lazy and unimaginative scenario is from Chad St.John, who was included in the editorial of “London has.Garner lost enthusiasm for the action he had on TV in “Alias” (which, unfortunately, I have to tell you, ended 12 years ago), which turned out to be a simple show with tenacity. Nothing Riley does is cathartic to her or the viewer; it’s a massacre in and of itself. She is good at what she does, but her work is not very interesting to look at.

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