Mile 22 Movie

Peter Berg, director of such good films as “Frida Night Night Lights” and “the Rundo R after a favorable start with “Lone Survivor”, each of his collaborations— “Deep HorAter Horizon”,” Patriots Da Da “and now” Mile 22 ” – was worse than before, culminating in this naive, chauvinistic celebration of roughness that makes full use of w

Instead of playing a sapphire collar, which he is gifted with, W Ahlberg Silva plays imm Silva Silva, an insufferable snot who is smarter than everyone else (putting together the life story under the opening credits) and can’t help being a fool to his subcontractors. IMM IMM argenic is a team leader for a secret State Department tactical branch that handles “sensitive” operations, that is, those that require more motivated execution than the public (or the Constitution) can bear. In the pre-title order, the team vanimm So that’s it.

Sixteen months later, Imm and companies are working at the U.S. Embassy in the capital of a Southeast Asian country that everyone obviously avoids mentioning (“our host country” and “the country we’re in now” are two things I’ve heard). Many radioactive cesium are not found, perhaps with the help of the corrupt local government, but one of them — a policeman named Li Noor (Iko Uw Li Noor was already an informant, and compagna the team(which includes Ronda rousey

It should be relatively easy to make a fun action movie based on the principle of getting a big head start from point A to point B, but Berg and screenwriter Lea Carpenter ignore it. The first mistake is to present Mark Mark Mark as a semi-autistic egghead who is supposedly deep and enigmatic. I don’t know if an actor could have played the role as it was written without being completely annoying (instead of a personality, he has idiosyncrasies like constantly hitting a rubber band), butah

Speaking of the cast, Li noor is played by Iko uw”it’s natural for these skills that he was hired, and he has a few opportunities to kick the henchman’s ass during the film. But the rest of the roughness-of which there is plenty, and Berg enjoys it, sometimes sadistically-is mainly undifferentiated shooting and cruelty, shot and edited for maximum inconsistency.

In addition to all this, the obnoxious and deaf American arrogance is at the heart of the film. The Team Secret of Jimmy works outside the law, according to a “higher form of patriotism” (which is not for nothing that they say the killers), responsible to no one, free to blow up everything they need in any part of the world. The idea that military power makes America great, even if it is popular, is wrong, especially when this power is exercised with such carelessness and myopic selfishness. “Mile 22” was clearly intended to launch a franchise, but with a fake kno ho

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