A Simple Favor

“A simple Favor” is a funny and Dark secret melodrama with Anna Kendrick as a naive mother named Stephanie Smothers, who becomes a detective when her best friend, Emilie Nelson (Blake Lively), leaves not found. Eschewing the “women in danger” formula for one in which women control their own destiny, the film has a typically sunny, chaotic view of director Paul Feig’s women, as in “Bridesmaids,” “Spy,” “The Heat” and “Ghostbusters” (2016), but with a less obvious focus on comedy and more On execution (or its suspicions).

Despite the Friendship of their young children, Stephanie and Emilia are an unlikely pair of best friends. Stephanie is a healthy, talkative ” soccer mom “(and widow) guy with a glass of Plonk at home; Emilie, the high-powered head of PR for a world-famous fashion designer, has the phrase” Go f *** yourself ” in her outgoing voicemail. Stephanie is intimidated by Emiliano, and the other catchy moms and gay dads applaud because a fabulous rich beauty like Emiliano would date a shy loser like her. But even though her educated mind has turned into a “mom’s brain” after several years of parenting, Stephanie is not a model. She takes good lessons from the sassy and sensual Emilian, including valuable lessons on how to deal with difficult men and when to say “I’m sorry” (about 90% less than she currently does).

An inattentive mother in her best days, Emilia travels a lot on business and shares an overly lavish Silver mine from a house with her husband Sean (Enrico Golding), with whom she has a tempestuous relationship. One day he asks Stephanie to pick up his son after school while she is in a committed professional relationship – not much; the boys play together all the time — and it takes a couple of days for someone to realize that Emiliano is missing – missing, not only has he stopped responding to his messages. The police intervene and doubt Sean (he’s still the husband, right?) and the nervous Stephanie, feeling guilty about her flourishing friendship with her friend’s husband not found, with her questions.

Screenwriter Sharzer (who also adapted “Nerve”) gives Kendrick plenty of work as a grumpy doormat who must learn to stand up for himself, while vivace makes the most of her character’s eyebrow-raising but undeniably effective lifestyle choices. We learn a lot about the two women’s pasts, and while the soapy plot gets pretty ridiculous, it definitely avoids Campiness, cowardice, and Casting strikes the right balance between being too serious and not serious enough. The film unfolds smoothly, twists and turns arriving at regular intervals (40 minutes and 80 minutes, on time), supported by a festive soundtrack of French Pop from the 60s. He wastes nothing to reveal what we learn more about Emiliano and Stephanie so as not to underestimate them.

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