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Subway Series Upcoming

Going Underground at Union Docs

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Subway Series
Next Stop: Going Ungeround
Union Docs
Sunday, April 14th
$9 Suggested DonationCinebeasts presents Tunnel Stories and Spraymasters for its third screening in their Subway Series Film Festival.  Directors Geoff Duncanson and Manfred Kirchheimer will be attendance for a Q+A.

Beneath New York City, there is a book being written on the walls of tunnels and underground passageways. Raw, honest, and fascinating, Tunnel Stories provides a rare glimpse into the world of the graffiti artists who see subway tunnels as a playground, gallery, and lifestyle. Hear the stories of why these artists, writers, taggers, and vandals risk arrest, injury, or even death in pursuit of their clandestine lifestyle.
“In SprayMasters, four ex-graffiti artists reflect on their early years as renegades who snuck into rail yards and decorated New York City subway cars with stolen paint while eluding arrest. Now in their forties and embraced by … Read More »

Information Super Subway
At Spectacle Theater

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Subway Series
Transfer to: Information Super Subway
April 6, 7:30pm
Spectacle Theater

A homemade mega-mix of video ephemera examining the ego and the id of the Metropolitan Transit Authority. Representing the man is the MTA Youtube channel in all its institutional glory – PSAs, commercials, and wholesome archival footage of bygone days. Add to the mix the volatile treasure trove of buskers, brawlers, and surfers whose antics have been captured on phone-video by weary straphangers for over a decade. Expect a compilation of the best music videos shot in the subway, as well as some subway surfing, busking musicians, and fights.

This is the second screening of our two month long film festival Subway Series.